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Transform into Your Brilliance — AWAKEN Your Inner Queen

Are you ready to change your life!

Join me for 8 weeks of transformation in 1:1 sessions where you release the past and invite a new future

Eight Weeks to Change

Join me for 8 weeks to change the fabric of your life

Invite wealth

Invite creative expression

Release ties and vows to poverty

Release cellular memory that may be holding you back

Connect with your highest self

Connect with the joy you know is possible


Week 1: One hour deep-dive session where you set intentions for the outcomes you seek
Identify places where you have held back

Identify specific steps you can take, starting this week, to change

Week 2: One hour healing session where we look back as far as we need to go and change whatever needs to change. This session is all about healing and bringing light to old wounds.

Week 3: Creating new outcomes. This is a 45-minute session where we will chart the outcomes you desire, and then I’ll take you into a guided meditation where you put everything into a future and activate it into being. Coming out of the meditation, you will generate a game plan for your life.

Week 4: Alignment and Assessment. This week we look at your actions and behaviors, and you begin to identify what is in alignment with what you say you are seeking – and what you can change or release that is not a match.

Week 5: Breaking oaths, vows, commitments, and releasing spirit/entity energy that could be holding you back. This is a big week and it will change everything in your life. We’re going to go into a space of open awareness of the un-seen and un-heard and recorded “crap” that you are ready to release. Whatever is sticking you can leave, if you take this time to have awareness and then have a conversation where you change it.

Week 6: The demand. This is a m-f-potent of all session sessions. This is where you demand. This is not for the weak. This week we out-and-out demand the life you will create, and you want to get a good night sleep before this session. We’re going to blast into the stratosphere anything and anyone that is not in keeping with your vision for you.

Week 7: Tuning it up. This week we’ll tune up your vibration, and set you to a new standard. You’re going to take a look at where you identify with others who have money problems, and stop that immediately. You begin to identify with those who have extreme wealth, and connect deeper into those connections. This is a gentle week and also exceptionally powerful. Change happens with the choices you make every day. At the end of this session you will have daily practices that say to you “I choose wealth.”

Week 8: One guided meditation into an even brighter future. One last sweep of past oaths and vows that you held so close to protect you. Release that. Letting go, and letting more in. Today is a new beginning, again, where you give yourself permission to out-create and out-shine everyone and everything.

All sessions will be private, recorded, and may be on video and audio, or you may choose audio only. Everything will be 100 percent confidential.