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The inspiration for this book…

Lately the animals have been having a lot to say, and we’ve been asking for inspiration on how to express the messages bigger in the world.

Never one to hang out with a big idea and not take action, we’ve decided to create a new book and YOU get to write it!!! Oh yes, we will help write it too! How much fun can we have inspiring others with stories of animals!

This book will contain personal messages that the authors have received from animals, be they animals they live with or animals free in the wild. Or maybe it’s a story about a magic moment with an animal that you experienced.

Is there something you believe your cat could teach us? Is there a message that horses could give us?

What will you write about?

You could write about your own magical experience with an animal, or your dreams about an animal, or a communication you have had with your own animals. This could be where you noticed how forgiving your animals are, or how loving and kind, or how they just seem to know when you need them the most.

What can we learn from the animals?

And how will listening change the earth?

The Collaboration

This book seeks to bring in energy and share questions we can ask about animals to change the planet. All of us together are more than any one of us alone.

Here is how you can participate:

Write a passage of about 250-300 words (or you may contribute more than one, up to five passages)

Write a short “about the author” bio of up to 50 words

Send us your photo

Agree to market the book on social media (and to your lists) on launch day

That’s it!

We will all be #1 bestselling authors when this book is released!
HDIGABTT! (How does it get any better than that!)

The ideal author…
Cares about animals and the planet
Would like to see change in the world
Would like to contribute to something bigger than they are alone
Would like to reach more people with their message

Each author provides a financial contribution

Each author owns the rights to her/his works


Yes! I would like to contribute five pages / passages to this book!


Yes! I would like to contribute three pages / passages to this book!

Yes! I would like to contribute one page / passage to this book!