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When you Enroll! This is what you will Receive:

Part 1 (November 15):
Let’s look at your ongoing “web” of attraction. Do you have a podcast, blog, social media presence, YouTube video offering. How are you informing people in an ongoing way of your book’s contents? Let’s get this into place for you.

Part 2 (November 29):
Free Gifts. Sexy gifts! Desirable gifts! What can you offer your audience in an ongoing way that they really desire so they will share their email address with you and get closer to you. Step-by-step on creation of your offerings, at least one gift and if possible 12 for a year (one per month). Or weip!

Part 3 (December 6)
Offers! Taking people from “watching” your presence, “asking for a gift” to being a customer or client. Whatever it takes! What would you like to offer in connection with the content of your book or your business? Create at least one offer with our help, that you charge money for.

Part 4 (December 13)
Bigger offers. A big ticket offering. Or, more work on your offers. Students will be able to tailor this as they desire and get more and more clear on offerings so people can work with you — and truly change.

Held live on Zoom video/audio & recordings

Wednesdays at 3PM PST 6PM EST November 15, 29, December 6 & December 13!


Complimentary three-part intense and in-depth video series on how to turn your book into a #1 bestseller gifted immediately upon purchase!