Enjoy this Video on Free Gift Building Plus an Invite to Erica’s VIP Days!

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Thank you so much for listening!
You already are the greatest gift! Just by being you!

Two Days To Massively Shift Your Business Results!

Generating Revenue from Your Creative Works Two VIP Days with Erica! Online from your computer or phone anywhere!

Join #1 international bestselling author and publisher Erica Glessing for a special offering NOW to custom create your income stream plan for your book or business!

What you will Receive

Day 1 (November 16, 10AM to 2PM PST):

Overview & Set Your Intentions

10:30AM ~ Case studies of awesome “funnels” to bring people into your business and engage them with your offers

11AM ~ Pre-create your PDF, audio or video “gift”
Get clear on the messages for it, the way you would like to create it
Write the main key content for each part (i.e. three-part series on how to contact the media)

12-12:45 Break

12:45 to 1PM Brainstorm Session where all the participants will expand into more possibilities, guided energy pull for success

1PM to 1:45PM Depending on readiness, record participant free gifts on Zoom so you may leave with opt-in gifts!

1:45 to 2PM Overview of Day 2, home-play assigned

Day 2 (November 17, 10AM to 2PM PST)
Overview & Set Your Intentions

10:30AM ~ Case Studies of offers that work

11AM ~ Pre-create at least one “sexy” and “irresistable offer”
Get clear on your offer, and depending on if this is possible, pre-create six to unleash every other month in 2018!

12 to 12:45 Break for lunch!

12:45 to 1PM ~ Energy pull guided, expansion, seeing it all work even better than we expected

1 pm to 2 PM ~ Integration. How the marketing, free gifts, and offers will work together. Getting through any blocks that people have to this working for them. Looking at new opportunities now that these pieces are “nearly” or now, in place.

Held live on Zoom video/audio & recordings


Complimentary three-part intense and in-depth video series on how to turn your book into a #1 bestseller gifted immediately upon purchase!