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Judgment (1)

This book is quite alive, and brilliant with contributing authors who shine.

We have two sudden unexpected openings!

-keep all of the rights to his/her works
-receive profit share on every book sold
-become a part of the greater Happy Publishing “family”

If this book out creates the books before it, the authors will all become bestselling authors! In 2015 to present, more than 100 individuals have become #1 bestselling authors with 15 recently becoming #1 international bestselling authors by way of contributing one beautiful chapter.

The intention of the book is to help people release judgment — however it forms in their lives, and become free of those shackles.

The financial contribution for design, publishing & marketing!

The chapter needs to be 2,500 words plus each author must contribute a 300-dpi or greater print-quality photo and an “about the author” section of about 200-600 words.

How does it get any better!

To participate, email HappyPublishing@ right now and begin writing your chapter. Send in the financial contribution and send Erica your photo for the back cover.

This book is asking to launch on February 16, 2016.