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Thank you for signing up for the “Trust your Intuition” course and just since you have, begin to open up more to the guidance you are already receiving all the time. We receive guidance from songs on the radio, weather, electrical surges, how our body feels, and we receive also information that isn’t true. So it is a vigilance to stay tuning into your own guidance! That’s what we will be delving into over the next four weeks.

The class will be taught by audio recording with the taster as a live google hangout. Technology tends to misbehave when I’m teaching this class!!! We may branch out into video but for now we’re going to trust that the audio systems will work. I’ll email you the dial-up instructions (and there is an online link you can join for audio from different countries).

Quite often I use this dial-up, so if you wanted to write it down for now (but I will confirm right before class each week) it goes like this:

(605)562-0020, Pin #946-263-596

If you have questions ahead of time this is warmly welcome and please email me questions I can address during the class. Spirit LOVES questions ahead of time! Yum!

Thank you and let’s blast off into the stratosphere with the energy of the class!