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Thank you so much for signing up today!

We’ll start in January with introduction of the Kindle Direct Platform. To prepare, please go and sign up now for your very own Kindle Direct Platform.

By mid-February, everyone who is “ready” will have their own Kindle book uploaded into their own Kindle platform, ready for sale at the price you set.

In Mid-March to early April, Happy Publishing will support 99-cent launches of all of your books (however, your books are self-published) to bestseller.

If you choose, you may use this system to set up a series of 12 books to launch this year; or 24; or 2! Your choice.

This course includes one Kindle book cover designed; and one interior manuscript placed into the Kindle format.

Gentle editing is included, but it is not intended to provide extensive ghost-writing or copy-editing! These services are available, send your manuscript over for a consultation if you’re not sure what your book requires to be successful.

Thank you so much for joining!

The classes begin Wednesday, January 6.

Welcome! More information will be updated here!