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Welcome to a 4-week Series on Awakening & Deepening your Spirit & Intuitive Connection!

Over the next four weeks, we’re going to dive into tools and “yes-no” “light-heavy” — tools for choosing with the energy as a practice!

Tuesdays at NOON PST/3PM EST/2PM CST

Week 1: Connecting to spirit. Knowing what following the energy is like in a practical application. Making choices. Grappling with crossroads. Knowing your knowing.

Week 2: During this session, we will connect with crossed over loved ones for each participant who chooses. Participants can ask specific questions. Information will show up designed to break patterns you are now choosing to break, and forge new pathways deeper into your brightness and light.

Week 3: This week is about specific choices and how to discern choices that are in alignment with your expansion. Many of you may already do or know this, but we’re going to collectively tune in and you can receive validation and/or new information that may show up during this focused, intuitively guided session.

Week 4: This one is about SHINING BRIGHTLY!!!
We will jump into being BIGGER with you in the world. Break free from chains you may have carried, maybe cellular memories or past life memories that were blocking you from choosing for you, guided by your lightness. This is a very fun week and expect some resistance to showing up. Participants who choose brighter will experience change in their lives even during the call.

The investment for this series is $198. Sign up now! I can’t wait to work and play with you on deepening your own intuitive and spirit guided choices.